Annular Solar Eclipse 2012

On May 20, 2012, it will have been more than 190 years since Arizona had a solar eclipse centerline touch its lands. Find out where to stand to have the moon's shadow pass directly over you head.

Extreme Young Crescent Moons 2012

Spotting the frail crescent of an extremely young crescent moon is a favorite pasttime of many sky watchers. Here are details about the best that can be seen from Arizona in 2012.

Lunar Eclipse 2011

Arizona will get to see a total eclipse of the moon on December 10, 2011. This gives times and what to expect from different locations within the state.

Sacred Sunrise

A prehistoric Hohokam summer solstice calendar which used the sunrise over Four Peaks in central Arizona. Plus how I find where the sun rose in times past.

Eclipse Along the Gila

A petroglyph along the lower Gila River in southern Arizona may depict the total solar eclipse of March 7, 1076 CE.

Arizona's Tale of Two Eclipses

The state of Arizona has never seen a total solar eclipse, and when it finally does in the year 2205, it will be the last state to do so. Here's the story.

Comet In Stone

A petroglyph that possibly depicts a comet and my exploration into Halley's Comet of 837 CE. Could this be the one depicted in stone?

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